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The goal of our boater and water safety classroom kits is to educate children and their families about the importance of
boater and water safety each year.  By incorporating our program into your classroom, you are making this happen.  Below
are the links and book pages that correspond to the teacher guide.  
Created and Presented by
The Dominic Trionfo Memorial Fund
Day 3
Water Safety Rules

-Read the story The Adventures of
the Dom Squad on
pages 6
and 7.
- As the story is read, discuss
these three important rules:
1. You should NEVER swim or
be near water without an adult
watching you.
2. You should always wear an
appropriate life jacket on a water
3. It is important to learn to swim.
- Have the students complete
page 8 using the information
from the story.
(Answers)The rules
are also available
- Read story.
- Complete
page 8.
- Book pages (See above.)
Additional Activities:
- Students can make posters with
the three important rules.
- Students can write about the
three rules and why they are
- Students can write a song about
the three important rules
Day 4
Boater Safety and Conduct

- Read page 9. Discuss why
these items are important when
going on a boat.
- Complete activity on
page 10.
- Have students complete
page 11,
the Boater Conduct cloze
activity, either individually or as a
class depending on their
- Complete page 10 and 11.
- Book pages. (See above)
Additional Activities:
- Students can write sentences
about each item on the list and
why each is important prior to or
after discussing them.
- Students can make a poster
about the safety items.
- Students can use checklist to
see if they have any of the
boating and safety items
Day 5

- Discuss the glossary on page 13.
Teachers can sum up what was
learned throughout the book.
- Students will find the glossary
words in the word search.
- Word Search* – page 12
- Book pages. (See above.)
Additional Activities:
- Students can write about
Boating and Water Safety.
- Give out additional handouts or
giveaways, if available.
- Discuss Ready Set Wear it.
- Students can make a poster or
project promoting boating and
water safety.
Other Resources:
- Ready, Set, Wear It:

Additional book pages:

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Dominic Trionfo
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